Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday John

I told myself when I started this blog I would try to write every day. Well things happen my mom was here for a week and a half. I took her home today her room is nice and dry now.
Tomorrow is my eldest sons Birthday. The picture is when we lived in North Carolina he was 18mo old he is sitting on a load of "bacca" that is ready to go in the drying barn.
It is Hard to believe he is going to be 54 they grow up so fast(LOL).


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a darling picture. Yep they do grow up fast don't they...seems like everytime you blink a year has passed.

Kathleen said...

Goodness, Betty. You can't be old enough to have such an old son.

Powell River Books said...

Don't kids just love it when you share a picture like that, LOL. I think it is great, too. Yes, time flies. We are in Pomona packing the last items from our condo to bring them north to Bellinghan and Powell River. We've had this condo for almost 25 years. I can hardly believe it has been that long. Tomorrow a nice couple are coming to buy my Mustang. It's been a great car, but I don't need another one up north. They also took a lot of our unwanted furniture and nick knacks. I gave away all my childhood dolls to a store that specializes in restoring old dolls. I gave away my saddles to the nearby stable where I used to keep my horse. The Salvation Army is coming in the morning to take the remaining items we don't need. Even so, we have a Uhaul truck with a 14' bed loaded to the brim. We start north on Tuesday and should get there by Friday. Quite an adventure for sure. - Margy

Dragonstar said...

54!!! You are so right - time does pass so quickly! That's a lovely photo.
I'm so glad your mother's room is safe and dry now.