Thursday, February 5, 2009

It doesn't take much

It doesn't take much to entertain a little person.
He had so much fun with this piece of foam insulation . The little pieces stuck to him like snow flakes. We were visiting his other grandmother in the new house they are building.


Cactus Jack Splash said...


i beati said...

the thing is some people would freak because there was a mess- but just think what he learned about texture and gravity and just plain it sandy

Dragonstar said...

Don't they just love doing things like that? Lovely!

Powell River Books said...

What fun. Looks like he can be a bundle of energy. I got back to Bellingham yesterday. I'll be here for the next three weeks or so. Let's get together if you can. - Margy

Becky and Gary said...

Isn't it wonderful what kids will find enertaining? Something as simple as foam will keep them busy for a long time. Great post.

Betty said...

My but he's having a grand time. Kids have more fun with things like that than they do with expensive toys, that is until they get a little older.

Michele said...

Awww... he's a cutie!!
It's amazing what amuses the young ones nowadays and even the older ones as well!
Haha... I know what I really love... it's those little tiny bubbles in the bubble wraps in the boxes for packing... I really cannot help popping those! Pop pop pop... heh!

Have a good weekend!