Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Texas Big Bug

Click on pictures to get the full effect.

How would you like to find this on your front porch

My son in Texas sent me this picture
It is a Walking Stick

That is my son's hand.


Powell River Books said...

That's one big bug. I've never seen one in life and that's probably a good thing. - Margy

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great bug, I love walking sticks.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Since I lived in Texas for 12 yrs, I have seen those "Stick Bugs" (what I call them) many times... The good news is that they don't jump on you!!!

Great post, Betty.

Kathleen said...

What an interesting looking bug. Have you ever seen one Betty?

Becky and Gary said...

I've never seen a Walking Stick. How interesting.
Thanks for the pictures.

lizziviggi said...

I've never seen one in the wild before! My oldest girl had a couple as "pets" at her preschool-- they are very odd bugs!

EG Wow said...

Oh my! It really does look like a stick. And it's 10 inches long!!

i beati said...

haven't seen them for awhile cool sandy

Margaret said...

Can you see me running? Can you hear me screaming?

Tanya Cunningham said...

That is just creepy but cool!