Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Sad

Growing Old
She welcomed me with special warmth 
In her neat uncluttered room 
‘Tho she tried so hard to force a smile 
She wore the face of gloom. 
She had always been so full of life 
And it really was quite sad 
That here and now, all that was left 
Were the memories she had. 
So we sat and talked of better times 
And her eyes came back to life. 
She recalled the days so long ago 
As a mother and a wife. 
I said how very proud I was 
To call her my dear friend; 
And how the world was better now 
For the person she had been.
When I hugged her tight and bid good-bye 
In her eye I saw a tear; 
And she said, "It’s not the growing old 
Or the suffering I fear." 
"The thing I find most difficult 
That cuts me to the core, 
The world keeps slipping from my grasp 
And nobody hugs me anymore." 
In memory of E. Clary and written by Doris S. Grimsley 

I found this and thought it was so sad 
My Mom is in a nursing home and
she is so happy when I visit her.

Saturday, January 1, 2011