Sunday, June 28, 2009


Thursday I received a phone call from my son Michale inviting us to some condos in Glacier up by Mt Baker to spend the night and visit with him and the family and his wife,s Dad and Mom. It
is their condos so we went and as you can see in the picture below I got to hold my newest grandson Liam.We had a wonderful time.
This is my son Michael and my other grandson Macail
This is the condos we stayed in they were so nice

The Moss looks spooky hanging from the tree

This is sorta dark it is a hand hewn log cabin that in now a place for adults to go and relax

This is Michael looking at the Nooksack River

The river was very fast and beautiful

More tomorrow I really want to thank Marshall and Judy for
having us up at there place we really had a great time


Powell River Books said...

Looks like a nice trip, condo and especially a great time with your new grandson. What a nice package! - Margy

Becky and Gary said...

This looks like a place I could really enjoy. Beautiful shots Betty.