Friday, November 13, 2009

Grand son Macail

On a happier note. This is my next to the youngest grandson
 Macail he will be 4 in December he goes to Montessori
school this is his very first school picture

He is to smart for his own good he can read Harry Potter and do algebra
He is such a cutie.
My son sent this yesterday I was so thrilled

PS... All went well with Mother yesterday Thank all of you for your
Love,prayers and good thoughts.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

One day at a time, Betty.... YOu are doing great. I am proud of you for doing so well since the death of your sister...

We ALL do have so much to be thankful for. That grandson Macail is just an example of the joy. What a CUTIE. Algebra, huh???? Mercy Me!!!!


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Oh my goodness! Algebra? I bet Macail could teach me a thing or two!

Becky and Gary said...

I'm SO glad to hear things went well with your Mom. Us parents always plan to die before the kids, but sometimes it doesn't happen that way, and that is so sad.
What a wonderful school picture of Macail. He is a doll! I have a 4 yr. old granddaughter, and she knows it all!
Have a great rest of the week.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a cutie and brilliant to boot.
You seem to be doing well, I hope you are finding some peace and your heart is healing.

Dragonstar said...

Reading "Harry Potter" at 4? He's a bright one! He must be such a joy to you, particularly now.
I'm glad things went well with your mother - it's so hard to know what to do for the best, but I'm sure she'd have wanted to be told.
Thanks for taking the time to keep visiting me. My tap (faucet) is a new one, and that's the way the cold water runs when th pressure is right. It took me a long time to catch the braiding - it was so hard to focus!

Small City Scenes said...

What a GRAND Grandson you have. He has a devil-may-care look to him. Handsome, ya know.

My Mother is 93 and is in the process of selling her house so she can live closer to me.

Whatcha doing next Friday? Coffee??

You doing OK??


Vicki ~ FL said...

You're doing great Betty and as the saying goes one day at a time.

Macail is a cutie and he is quite smart for only being almost 4. Algebra!?!

Margaret said...

He is adorable and so very smart. I couldn't get algebra when I was 17 never mind at age 4. You must be very proud.