Monday, December 14, 2009

Walking in a winter wonder land

I took a walk in the snow

Here a a few of the things I saw
The bridge across our lake that wiggles
most of the time.It didn't move

I think our lake is very frozen

A bit of bright sky

A little tiny bit of blue sky

Even my frog had snow on his nose.

More snow tonight then rain


Your EG Tour Guide said...

It's looking as dark there as it is here. Your first few shots look almost like B&W photos...same as may I've taken lately! I'm glad you took the time to get out for a walk though because being outdoors tends to lift our spirits.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous, Betty.... I LOVE snow (ha--I'm sure you know that)... Yours is so pretty... Looks like a fabulous walk.

Can you walk 'on' your lake in the wintertime??? I have only walked on one frozen lake in my life --and it scared me to death... I'm always afraid that there will be a 'weak' spot and that I'd be the one to fall through... ha

Thanks for sharing.

Powell River Books said...

Guess you did get your share of snow. Beautiful shots. Our snow is mostly melted over by Bellis Fair, but they say more is coming tonight. We'll leave for Powell River in the morning if it doesn't arrive. Otherwise we'll wait another day. With Mom riding with us we want to be more careful about getting stuck in the snow. - Margy

i beati said...

got to love that wal so Christmasy

nonizamboni said...

Hi--found you at EG Tour Guide and had to tell you how lovely your blog is. Plus we're both Libras!
Happy holidays to you too.