Monday, March 16, 2009


Thank you Cactus Jack for this award. I didn't know how to do the linky thing I hope I figured it out.Now I have to tell you ten things about me .
1- I am 71 years old
2- I have six children-7and 1/2 grand kids and a whole passel of greatgrandkids
3- I have type 2 diabetes
4- I have just lost 22lbs
5-I am very happy that my oldest soon found his father whom he had never met
6-I like to read books and blogs I also like to sew and cook.
7- I am a little bit lazy and I hate house work.
8- I will be glad when the weather is better so I can go walking.
9- I signed up for a senior strength class it is free at WWU. One of the questions was if you wanted to arrange your living room could you move your couch. I said yes,she said well when you get done with this class you will be able to throw it.
10-I want to send Hugs and Smooches to Cactus Jack.



Powell River Books said...

Now I know even more about my blogging buddy. Congratulation on the award! - Margy

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for sharing. It is fun learning more about people. Thanks for the hugs and smooches

Becky and Gary said...

So good to know more about you Betty!
Congrats on the award.

Michele said...

Congratulations on your award!
You sound like a wonderful person and your blog is quite interesting, full of wonderful stories and good fun! I will have to come back!
Thanks for visiting me! =)
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