Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Box Store

Day before yesterday we went to a big box store and there were a few minutes
of a little tiny bit of blue sky

It didn't last long we are back to rain,Well it is the Pacific North West
you say and you are right,but some years are wetter then others and
it seems to me this one is WET

Then we went inside and this is what was inside the doors.

A bazillion big TVs

and a Trazillion Vitamins.
In case you haven't guessed I hate Big Box Stores.
Well I survived and Charlie got his Italian bread crumbs
 Then we got out of there.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I walk into the big box stores and think TOO MUCH, too. My goodness we North Americans like to buy stuff! Too much stuff.

Becky and Gary said...

I've never heard of big box stores, but down here we have Sam's and it's about the same I think. We don't go there. With just the 2 of us, no need to buy in bulk any more.
PS We don't get that much blue sky here in the winter either.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I've never heard of a Big Box Store, Betty.... But--I do know about those stores that have too much of what you want. When I want to buy some paper towels, don't give me 200 choices!!! ha ha


i beati said...

I never heard of a big box store - is it like big Lots or save a lot??

nonizamboni said...

Great photos: from the sublime to the umm, ridiculous? I'm with you about the big boxes and also I know how it feels at Christmas to not be able to eat what you want. The big 'D.'
Happy day!

Powell River Books said...

Glad you are having so much fun with your Photoshop. The results are fun to see. When Wayne and I get back to Bellingham and go shopping we are always amazed at the excess that is available. We can get just about anything we want or need here is Powell River, but when you go to the stores there aren't so many choices to make. I think I like that better. - Margy

Cicero Sings said...

I hate big box stores too! The sad thing is, they are doing the small man out of business.