Monday, January 25, 2010

The Farmers Market --- Soon

I can hardly wait Its almost time for the
Farmers Market to open
It starts the first Sat, in April.
That's not to far away is it?

Flowers -Music -Food- Hand Crafted Things
My Favorite VW Truck


Becky and Gary said...

Oh Betty I feel the same! April can't come too soon for me. I really have cabin fever bad this year. Today we've had rain, wind, and now it's snowing. Really sloppy too!
Keep an eye on that Orchid. Watch for new shoots. If you can send me a picture. Maybe I can tell what kind it is. You can get my email address from my profile.
Hugs, and have a super day.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Fair time can't get here soon enough for me either.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Something to look forward to, Betty... We all need something special to look forward to...

A New England Life said...

April will be here before you know it! Hard to believe how quickly we've zoomed through January. February, much the same and March we are always hoping for warm days.

Farmers Market sounds wonderful!

i beati said...

I love these places - always give me ideas. Ours has gone undercover and lost a little charm I think

Cicero Sings said...

I can't wait either! But we have to wait until late June for ours. Not much grows up our way very early!